Contrary to popular belief, the primary objective of any valid bathroom remodeling project is to enhance functionality before focusing on aesthetics. Some essential factors to consider include installing an effective bathtub or Shower Surround. These are sections surrounding the walls of your tub to protect them from constant exposure to moisture/water. The surrounding encloses the bathing area and is generally at least 6 feet in height.

What to Consider with your Bathtub Surround

  • The material you choose plays a significant role in the functionality of your venture. If you’re using tiles, for example, it’s essential to caulk the surrounding area to ensure moisture doesn’t penetrate through the cracks. Precast concrete slabs are more reliable as they cover a larger surface area.
  • The installation process should also be taken into consideration, especially when you’re planning to undertake the venture as a DIY. In such cases, implementing a one-piece system is advisable.
  • The color of your tub surround should also be considered. The particular hue you choose will determine the ease of maintenance. White and cream hues, for example, can easily stain and tend to dull over time.

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