The three aspects at the forefront of bathroom remodeling are functionality, durability, and aesthetics. An essential area of functionality is the shower surround. Concrete represents a great alternative when it comes to material options.

Some issues to consider when installing a concrete Shower Surround include:

Precast vs. Cast-in-place

Precast shower surrounds are produced at a different site before being transferred to the intended location. This approach is a great way to quicken the timeline of the installation, as well as lower the overall production costs while potentially improving the quality involved. Cast-in-place will involve producing the shower surround at the site.

Textured Surfaces

It’s essential to ensure that the surround has some level of texture to the surface. This approach enhances safety levels, as it offers a potential grip should you happen to slip. This approach should be applied to both the walls and floors of the shower. This can be accomplished through spray texture products.

Hire a Professional

It’s crucial to hire a professional when looking to ensure the quality of your concrete shower surround. Although undertaking the venture as a DIY approach might be tempting, you’ll not be able to enjoy the same levels of quality guaranteed by an expert. We offer a wide array of precast concrete shower surrounds, so call us today! KreteworX is your top-rated Concrete Countertops plus company.