Concrete is popular with many interior designers because of the grandiose aspect involved with such decor. Precast solutions have significantly simplified the process of integrating cement fixtures with interior decor. One of the fixtures to greatly benefit from this advancement are fireplaces.

Some elements you should consider when installing a Concrete Fireplace include:


The position of your fireplace determines its effectiveness. The lounge area, for example, might be difficult to heat because of the expanse involved. The space you choose should also have reinforced floor joists to ensure stability. Placing it in a nook in the room can help guide the heat in a particular direction.

Opt for Precast Solutions

Choosing a precast concrete fireplace is generally more affordable than a cast-in-place alternative. They’re also easier to install and there is a multitude of options to choose from, allowing the addition to blend in with any stylistic direction you desire. Precast concrete also offers higher levels of quality assurance.

Ventilation Requirements

You’ll need an insert ventilation solution when dealing with wood or pellet fuel for your fireplace. This can be complicated if your home doesn’t have a chimney. Flexible stainless steel is generally used for wood-burning fireplaces. For the best precast concrete fireplaces, call us today! KreteworX is your top-rated Concrete Countertops plus company.