Concrete is arguably one of the most popular building materials available in the market. According to the Statista Research Department, the US has seen a continued rise in cement production over the past decade, with 2021 displaying record numbers of approximately 92 million metric tons. Contractors are also able to choose between precast and cast-in-place alternatives.

What’s the Difference?

Simply put, precast concrete products are items that are manufactured elsewhere and integrated into a building’s construction after its completion. Cast-in-place, as the name suggests, is produced on the building site during the construction process.


Precast concrete products are an excellent solution when looking to integrate an additional fixture into your building. Installing an Outdoor Kitchen, for instance, could involve the addition of concrete countertops and bench seating, all of which can be easily produced through precast production. This makes precast concrete items ideal for home remodels.

Cast-in-place concrete is implemented with larger fixtures of a structure such as walls and pillars. Such elements are extremely bulky, making their transportation from one place to another a potential nightmare for contractors.

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